Our Approach

At Cognito-Tech, our focus is understanding your business goals and objectives so that we can develop a communications and public relations plan designed to help you achieve them. Our proprietary Strategic Media Engagement platform operates across earned, owned and paid media to create a perception of market momentum, engaging your target customers so they choose your products and services.

Why Positioning & Messaging are so important to success

Understanding your current position in the market and that of your competitors is key to designing a strategy that achieves your desired market position and creates the perceptions of market momentum that will compel potential customers to choose you over your rivals. Our proprietary Positioning and Messaging Process allows us to work with you to create a powerful platform that will form the foundation for communication with internal and external stakeholders, as well as potential customers. This platform also ensures that the consistency of the messaging tells your story effectively across all media – earned, owned, and paid.

Strategic Media Engagement: The Art & Science of Tech PR

The media landscape continues to evolve as traditional news outlets reorganize for the digital economy, owned outlets (social media/web) become more important and paid outlets (advertising, paid posts, etc.) develop new audience engagement strategies. These changes create new and exciting opportunities for companies to tell their story and engage with influencers, stakeholders and prospects.

Our Strategic Media Engagement Platform marries the art of story telling with the science of influencing target market behavior. Based upon research from our analytics platform, the foundation of our Strategic Media Engagement is our proprietary Strategic Story Engine. The Strategic Story Engine (SSE) employees the seven editorial engines that drive all news coverage and social media engagement, and is used to create media-genic storylines that are effective across earned, owned and paid media.

Want more information?

Download the inside scoop on our Strategic Story Engine. Or drop us a note at hi@cognito-tech.com.

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